We may have to issue deductions if the cards you submit are not in Near Mint condition, if the wrong version of a card was submitted, or if there are any missing cards. If the deductions come to less than 15% of your total (or for large orders, less than $100), you will not be contacted. Otherwise we will contact you by email, in which case you will have 3 business days to accept or deny the deductions.

Should you wish to have any cards returned, we will ship them back at your expense. Once you have been paid for your Buylist submission, any cards in the submission that were not returned are the property of 401 Games and will no longer be eligible to be returned.

If you selected the "Quick Payment" option when submitting your Buylist, you agreed to accept any and all deductions in exchange for getting paid faster. In this case we will not email you regarding deductions.

Please refer to our TCG Condition Guide if you have any questions about the conditions of your cards.