We buy cards from any of the trading card games for which we currently have a buylist. We do not buy sports cards, other trading cards, or non-card products. We do not purchase any sealed TCG products such as booster packs or decks.

TCG cards which are not listed on our buylists may be purchased at a bulk rate. Please search for "bulk" in the appropriate buylist to view available bulk options. Bulk sold to us should not include basic land cards (MTG), tokens (MTG) or basic energy cards (PKM).

The prices listed on our buylists are for Near Mint cards. The prices listed for Yu-Gi-Oh cards are for 1st edition cards (except for sets which are split into Unlimited and 1st edition versions). Any cards that do not meet these standards may be purchased at a reduced rate or rejected. We typically do not purchase damaged cards, except in certain cases at our discretion. Additionally, cards from the following Pokemon sets in Moderately Played or worse conditions will be rejected at this time: Base Set Unlimited, Jungle Unlimited, Fossil Unlimited, Team Rocket Unlimited, Base Set 2.