Before you bring us your cards, you must submit a buylist through our website. There are two options:

1. Traditional Buylist

To submit a traditional buylist, please visit You will be able to look up the cards you wish to sell and add them to your cart. When you check out, a list of your cards will be generated along with a buylist number that you can reference when you drop off your cards.

2. Easy-Buy Buylist

While there are many advantages to the traditional buylist, in that you can see what prices we offer on each of your cards, and your buylist can be processed much more quickly, we also offer an alternative if, for instance, you aren't very familiar with the cards you're submitting: the Easy-Buy Buylist Submission. This will generate an order number that you can reference when you drop off your cards, and we'll take care of pricing the cards and giving you a quote.

After you have submitted a buylist, you can bring your cards to one of our stores at any time, or wait for an approval email and then mail them to us.

Please find our full policy on selling cards to us here.